Top 10 tips when choosing a Charleston roof

Top 10 tips when choosing a Charleston roof

Top 10 tips when choosing a Charleston roof

Selecting the appropriate Alpha Omega roofing in Charleston South Carolina for your property is a challenging task due to different types of metal roofs available on the market. As a beginner to the metal roof, you have to focus on some important things to be successful in your approach for the metal roof shopping. The following details explain to you about easy-to-follow tips to choose the metal roof.

  1. Base metal 

A wide variety of materials is used to fabricate the metal roofing. Some of these materials are copper and zinc alloy, aluminium, galvalume steel and galvanized steel. Properties of these metals are different from each other. The base metal of the roof is chosen based on the design of the roofing panel. 

  1. Design

The overall design of the metal roof plays an important role behind the attractiveness of the roof of the property. You can research the track record of the products and make certain about the accessories and flashings of the systems.  

  1. Underlayment 

The roofing panels may develop the condensation on its bottom side during some weather conditions. An underlayment is vital to avoid such problem. You can use the underlayment and ensure that your roof gets the best moist protection.  Polymer-based underlayment is affordable and easy-to-install. 

  1. Weather resistance 

Metal roof systems must be interlocked with each other and get stiff resistance to some high winds. The best metal roof system must pass 120 miles per hour wind-driven rain test. Impact resistance is also vital to consider. 

  1. Energy efficiency 

The color of the metal roof plays an important role behind the temperature inside the building in every season. The light-colored metal roof is designed to reflect the heat. This roof keeps the property insulated during the winter and cool in the summer. You can invest in this metal roof and take advantage of the easiest way to lower your energy bill. 

  1. Fastening 

It is the right time to prefer and invest in the metal roof system which is well compatible with all roof components and fasteners. Any exposed fastener or hole via the roof panel leads to water damages in the future. Some metal roofing systems in our time use the clips instead of fasteners. 

  1. Finish 

A good coating on the metal roofing in particular steel roof is vital for the maximum durability. A combination of metals and coating used in the metal roof play the main roles behind the warranty length of the metal roof system. Do not forget to make certain that the overall finish is warranted against the detaching, chipping, chalking and fading.

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  1. Installation   

A proper installation of the metal roof by a qualified team is very important to fulfil expectations about the attractiveness and durability of the metal roof. Contact a successful roofing contractor and consider the cost of the metal roof installation service. 

  1. Cost

The reasonable price of the best metal roof gives 100% satisfaction and an array of benefits to all users. Prefer and invest in the competitive price of the metal roof.

  1. Brand

Many brands of metal roofs are available on the market. Contact the number one company in this sector and buy the suitable metal roofing materials 

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Sometimes Re-Roofing Is Better


Sometimes Re-Roofing Is Better

Reroofing is commonly referred to as a process of layering one set of new shingles over a set of existing shingles. Like a layer of pastry, you line them up one after the other.  It can only be done once, so if you already have two layers of roofing in place, re-roofing is not an option for you. Because there is no tear-off, the next time your roof gets damaged, you got to have a new one installed. Re-roofing can go much faster and be much less expensive than a complete roof replacement. Speak with Alpha Omega roofers Today.
Reroofing can be a good choice for most homeowners who have a roof that is nearing the end of its life but can last a while longer, but that is in overall good shape. The main concern here is the condition of the existing roof, if it’s partially damaged or something like that, one may opt for replacing them.

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Re-Roof Before It Is Too Late

There may be some minor issues or leaks, but no major water damage, soggy or missing shingles, or large amounts of moss or mildew growth. It’s also a better choice if you are having the entire roof done, rather than simply a partial roof is done.
Reroofing is not always the best idea. Because you aren’t lifting up the existing shingles, you can’t know for certain what the roof deck looks like, what’s the actual condition is. While most problems can be spotted before the shingles are torn off, occasionally, there is rot or sagging that does not appear beneath the shingles. When you add a new layer on top of the old, you are simply covering over the problem, not actually fixing it.

Call Your Rofer Today

If only a small portion of your roof needs to be fixed, reroofing can also get you into trouble because you will now have a section of roof that is thicker than the surrounding areas. This can mean that they don’t match up properly with one another at the ridge cap, which can be noticeable.
Reroofing can only be done if there is only one layer of shingles already in place. While you may attempt to reroof more than that yourself, or you may find a roofer willing to do it, you risk not being able to drive the nails deep enough through the many layers of shingles to hold the newest layer in place. With additional layers of shingles, it also becomes harder to see what may be beneath them, so any problems may go unseen.

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Why Choose a tile roof in Winston Salem


Why Choose a tile roof in Winston Salem

Tile roof is one of the most popular roofing system found in the world. Tile rooftop is one of the most well-known material framework found on the planet. Most property holders do lean toward tile over different materials found in the market. For a long time the rich and prosperous Mediterranean human advancements have utilized “Terminated” earth rooftops are still in presence. There is no elective roofing material with such a background marked by excellence, sturdiness, and worth.

“Terminated” earth tiles are the fundamental roofing material utilized worldwide in territories of high precipitation, mugginess, and temperatures. Their long life and regular ventilation stream add to the estimation of the structure.

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Choose A Roof That Will Last

They are numerous industrial facilities assembling material tiles in Winston Salem. We produce them throughout the previous 50 years and our name stands unmistakable for quality and solidness. We are pioneers in assembling and sending out them to numerous nations on the planet, from Western India.

Most astounding quality items are fabricated by cutting-edge hardware under our self-supervision and extraordinary quality control has made it feasible for PTC to deliver and sell in enormous amounts. Rooftop tiles are structured primarily to keep out the downpour, and are customarily produced using locally accessible materials, for example, earthenware or slate. Present-day materials, for example, concrete and plastic are additionally utilized and some mud tiles have a waterproof coating.


Roof Tiles Look Better In Winston Salem

Rooftop tiles are ‘hung’ from the structure of a rooftop by fixing them with nails. The tiles are normally hung in parallel lines, with each column covering the line underneath it to prohibit water and to cover the nails that hold the line beneath. There are likewise rooftop tiles for unique positions, especially where the planes of the few pitches meet. They incorporate edge, hip and valley tiles. These can either be slept with and pointed in the concrete mortar or precisely fixed.



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Roof Tiling Last Longer

Additionally to rooftop tiling, tiling has been utilized to give a defensive climate envelope to the sides of timber outline structures. These are held tight strips nailed to divider timbers, with tiles exceptionally formed to cover corners and supports. Regularly these tiles are formed at the presented end to give an ornamental impact. Another type of this is the purported scientific tile, which was held tight slats, nailed and after that grouted. This type of tiling gives an impersonation of brickwork and was created to give the presence of block, yet maintained a strategic distance from the block assessments of the eighteenth century.[1]

Slate rooftop tiles were customary in certain regions close wellsprings of supply and gave slim and light tiles when the slate was part into its regular layers. It is never again a shabby material, be that as it may, and is currently less normal.


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Proper Roofing Installation Raleigh NC


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A roof has two capacities: Insulation and seepage. The protection ensures the house or any foundations from the climate, yet additionally from the clamor and feathered creatures.

The roof fills in as the seepage of, for example, the snow that is aggregated at the highest point of your roof or possibly the precipitation. Drains are introduced to lead the water brought about by downpour or softened snow towards the ground so it won’t hinder with the ventilation of your home. In the event that drains are not introduced, the water may run down the dividers of your home or fabricating or may leak inside your property.

The roofing of a foundation In Raleigh NC fluctuates on various atmospheres and the kind of foundation that you have. For business foundations, they for the most part have level roofs since it is the least complex roof to assemble; the less complex, the lesser it costs. The hip roof is regularly for private houses; this roof has four inclines, which could be both square and rectangular fit as a fiddle. Then again, An outline roof is usually utilized for places of worship, bungalows or different sorts of homes; this sort of roof fills in as the roof and divider for the entire framework. There are such a significant number of sorts of roofs. You can pick any of those for your home, yet remember the similarity of the roof to your home.

Beside having various sorts of roofs, the materials utilized for roofing likewise shifts from the plan of the roof and the sort of spot that you live in.

The same different things, the roof of your home or any foundation can likewise be harmed by specific causes like tempests, violent winds, overwhelming precipitation and so on. On the off chance that it isn’t gone to appropriately, you should need to change the materials, for example, earth tiles, black-top shingles, solid tile, metal, record, wood shingles or any sort of roof that you have, and this will require a costly cost. We need our roofing to last, so here are a couple of tips on appropriate establishment and support.

Locate the Right Materials

While getting the correct materials for your roof, you ought to contribute on materials which can: keep going long, shield the house from catastrophic events, not very overwhelming for the roof confining, should supplement the style of the house or constructing and in the event that it is permitted by neighborhood building regulations.

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Simple Metal Roofing Tricks


This article gives an establishment manual for metal material, which offers a few preferences over other roofing materials, for example, lower vitality costs and a more drawn out enduring rooftop. A metal rooftop is progressively costly contrasted with different materials but since it keeps going longer, it might have a lower cost over the long haul as the less expensive materials may should be supplanted every once in a while.

Besides, regardless of whether the expense is at first higher contrasted with that of different materials, it very well may be viewed as a wise speculation not just on the grounds that it is a strong around the house material yet in addition since it limits your electric bills by mirroring the warmth from the sun. This is on the grounds that the forced air system need not buckle down throughout the late spring to keep the temperature at an agreeable level. In any case, it is prudent to have an establishment control for metal material since this sort of material is increasingly hard to destroy and supplant so you need to introduce it appropriately the first run through.

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Most importantly, this establishment guide will examine a portion of the instruments that you will require. These incorporate a drill, measuring tape, material nails, stepping stool, chalk line, hammer, metal cuts, metal rooftop screws, device belt, and wood screws. In the wake of setting up the devices and perusing the directions given by the maker on the most proficient method to introduce the item, you should gauge the stature of the rooftop and include a couple of creeps for the sort of shade that you like. You will likewise need to quantify the length of the rooftop to enable you to decide the amounts of the material that you would require.

At that point you should set up the rooftop by destroying the old shingles. Since metal rooftops are lightweight, you don’t really need to evacuate the old rooftop yet this is fitting in the event that you need a cleaner appearance. Anyway, it is anything but difficult to detach the old shingles by using a material scoop. After this, you can set out some rooftop felt or tar paper to fill in as the base for your rooftop. The following stage on the most proficient method to introduce metal rooftop is to put the edging that will circumvent the border of the rooftop. These ought to be attached utilizing material nails. You will at that point start placing in the metal shingles, setting each sheet in turn. You may need to get the assistance of someone else to make this procedure simpler.

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Good Roofing Companies Northern Beaches

Good Roofing Companies Northern Beaches

At the point when a house must be re-roofed, normal black-top shingles is the material that is utilized; a large number of homes are re-roofed every year. Conventional northern beaches roofing companies black-top shingles is viewed as the modern standard and its utilization is valued by establishment temporary workers and the producers of the material. What is the purpose behind this you may inquire? The truth of the matter is the black-top shingles have an exceptionally short life expectancy, caused to a great extent by outrageous warmth, the cold and the breezy climate. Might it be able to be an instance of professional stability that clarifies why establishments temporary workers and material makers are glad to always re-rooftop houses a seemingly endless amount of time after year? A metal rooftop may give a reasonable option.

These rooftops are of a superior quality then the traditional rooftops. For instance, consider the steel rooftop. This rooftop won’t need to be supplanted as frequently. The metal rooftop you put on your home could be the just a single you ever buy. Their normal life expectancy is more than 50 years.

The age on a steel painted rooftop won’t be seen. The heaviness of this kind of rooftop is probably the best advantage. These rooftops are lighter than traditional rooftops. Due to the a lot lighter weight, it would not be an issue introducing this rooftop over an ordinary black-top rooftop. In the event that that is done, you don’t need to evacuate the old rooftop, which will set aside you time and cash. It benefits the earth additionally on the grounds that no dumping will be required.

A metal rooftop gauges 50-150 pounds for every 100 square feet. On the other hand, the regular rooftop gauges 750 pounds for each square foot. In a circumstance where your neighborhood, is compromised by woods fire, a considerable lot of your neighbors might be terrified, however you have a rooftop made of metal and you are not very stressed. That is one thing you won’t be worried about. Your new rooftop is reviewed “Class An” and it won’t consume. The best heat proof rooftop you can buy is a metal rooftop. In the fierce blaze season, you won’t have the dread of a consuming rooftop to be worried about. Another preferred position of such a rooftop is the vitality sparing. Due to the impression of the sun off the lighter shade of the metallic material, less heat really enters the home, in this manner saving money on utility costs.

Due to this the top rating of “IR” has been given tops of metal. IR means “Beginning Solar Reflectivity” So the softness of the new rooftop brings about a superior rating for it. Likewise a great deal of the lighter hues are “Vitality Star Approved”. To total up, the upsides of the new rooftop is, you advantage nature, save money on service bills, and you spare vitality.

Your new metal rooftop will qualify you for an expense reasoning on your government charges. An incredible advantage is that these rooftops look speaking to the eyes. So when all is considered, your new rooftop can both increment your home’s estimation and furthermore give it an all the more engaging appearance.

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Hire Lakeland roofing contractor


Hire Lakeland roofing contractor

Work of a Lakeland roofing contractor: Roofing of any private or benefit arranged commercialized level is an occupation which directs extraordinary exertion and weight on the appointed contractor. He may separate the work in the event that he can’t complete the committal in time, the terms of which are referenced in the agreement before he embraces the exigency. A roofing contractor must be productively talented and solid willed with the goal that he can work even on the most sizzling day of summer and not recoil a piece. The roofs are obvious exposed to all mugginess, solidifying winter season and furious breeze. Consequently, it turns out to be exceptionally hard to defeat every one of the components of nature and attempt to complete the work before the bond slips.

4 hints to locate the best roofer for your house’s improvement plan: The roof of your home is in pressing need of upkeep or further development. In this way, you need a roofing contractor who will give quality work in insignificant amount time, taking charges that you can bear.

The as a matter of first importance thing you should investigate when you are searching for a roofing contractor for the due work is approving the protection cases of the contractor and subcontractors in light of the fact that in no circumstance, you would need to be considered in charge of whatever occurs during the time of the marked bond. Risk and protection strategy endorsement is one of the essential concerns and thus consistently before you take any extreme choice, request the safety net provider’s number and affirm the arrangement subtleties.

The subsequent tip is to check out your own region for encouraging the help with your home improvement grudge as a roofing contractor. This choice is savvy and brilliant in light of the fact that it winds up advantageous to find the nature of work the prospecting roofers really do and it will enable you to limit the best roofer for your home, contingent on the referrals of other network individuals. At whatever point required for whatever paltry or non-inconsequential occupation, you can without much of a stretch discover them and however these days everything is written in the agreement, it is constantly useful to get a personal investigation and that should be possible and re-done when it is a nearby roofing contractor.

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Roofing Charlotte Hail Damage Advice

Roofing Charlotte Hail Damage Advice


Important steps Charlotte NC Roofing for hail damage


A roof can easily get damaged when a storm hits, when such severe weather happens it can make a minor issue to a heavy loss. Call a roofing specialist  in Charlotte NC today. Due to this impact which may cause damages like holes, split tiles, dents or coarse loss and pockmark paint on the roof. The easiest way to avoid instead of money on repairs, if the roof got damaged in a storm then the house owner should have insurance. This will help to handle the essential repairs and additional expense can be avoided. If the roofing is insured, then it will be easy to claim. Also, the insurance company will send an estimator to assess the extent of the damage on the roof. The roof will be inspected by a trained and experienced estimator or specialist to make sure any of the loss is properly noted, and if the inspector only finds minimal damage only then also it should be filed and recorded with the insurance company. 


Indications of major hail damage on the roof in Charlotte NC


  • Dents and pits – This is the major evidence from the storm destruction may vary from the other buildings based on the structure type and angle. If hail storm hits the flat rooftop it may have deeper damage compared to the pitched ones. The appearance of damage will be great on the metal roofing than the asphalt shingles or on slate shingles. 
  • Paint disturbance – On some housetop materials will be painted with a different color for beautification purpose. If hail hits the material it may cause some flaking of the paint where it can lead to pockmarks on the roof. These marks are not attractive and it causes the negative impression of the entire roof appearance even the damage is not that much severe. 
  • Granular loos – The most common material used on the rooftop is asphalt. Once the hail storm hits this type of material, it will cause and develop some granular loss. After this damage, the head of the nail will be seen and there will start the leakage of the roof. There is a difference between normal granular and severe weather which has destruction in the shape. Normal granular loos will wear and tear which has uniform granular loos during hail impact is circular or more localized. 
  • Damage wood and tile – The size of the hail may range from small like pea size to grape size. Due to this, the power of hail which strikes the surface can cause Spartan damage for the roof and materials. If this frozen water which is a hail falls on the rooftop it may fracture, or chip or scratch and split the wood or tile shingles. 


Therefore, after knowing the indications of the hail damage determining the plan of action need to be addressed for the roofing system which needs repairs or replacement. If these indications are observed in the initial assessment, then the owner needs to check their insurance policy to ensure that whether it can carry the property damage insurance is applicable for roof damage or not. Once this is done then roof contractor or estimator will be sent to inspect the damage and prepare the estimate to the roof which was damaged in a hail storm. 

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Civic The Roofing Experts

Civic The Roofing Experts

Civic The Roofing Experts

We are experts in residential and commercial roof repairs offering advanced roofing services at a reasonable cost. We provide our roofing services in North & South Carolina and as well in Georga USA

By selecting our company to attend to your roof, you save time and money. After contacting us, we set a schedule and send our experienced roofing contractors to assess your roof. If it is new construction we shall give you the appropriate roof quotes.

If it needs repairing, our contractors will offer you the roof repair costs together with a list of materials and the work required to rebuild your roof.

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In some instances, the repairs are minimal, and our experienced team will complete the repairs within a day without compromising quality.

Repair Can Be A Good Option For Most Roofs

Because we are a cost-saving company with trusted roofers delivering quality work, we use our equipment to help our customers save on costs.

If you visit roofing contractors review sites, you shall see that many of our previous and current customers saying that our workmanship is guaranteed. They proceed to state that their roofs are set to withstand the test of time.

In all our years as a Roofing company that serves Charlotte and Georga, we have come to understand that clients unfamiliar with the roofing sector find it difficult to find high-quality roofing contractors.

To make it simple, we urge you to search for certified roofers that are registered with the roofers association.

We are a competent roofer agency that offers all our clients’ warranty after providing our services. Below we capture important questions you need to ask before hiring a roofing contractor:

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How long has the contractor been in business?
Does the contractor have permanent premises with a working phone, email, and address?
Does the company sign a contract and does it supply roof repair costs?
Is the company certified to provide the projects they offer?
Does the company offer emergency services?

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Thank you for visiting our roofing Services website. Our Home Services is a full-service roofing and gutter company servicing the entire Houston, Texas area. With over 10 years of experience, Our Home Services will complete your project on time and on budget – guaranteed!

Our Home Services provides a full range of roofing and gutter products for new construction, existing construction, and repair. We specialize in installing commercial and residential quality roofing and gutters and pride ourselves in our knowledge and execution. Our staff understands that materials and craftsmanship is integral to building a roof that withstands extreme conditions and rapid climate changes.

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We help you determine the best way to protect your home with a roofing repair or a new roof. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the hundreds of satisfied clients that have already worked with us. We are committed to providing you with the same level and quality of service and will walk you through the process.


We offer top of the line gutter systems, gutter cleaning, and gutter repair services. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the hundreds of satisfied clients that have already worked with us. We are committed to providing you with the same level and quality of service and will walk you through the process.

Contact us today for a free estimate or to learn more about the services we offer. We look forward to servicing you and developing a lifelong relationship.

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Some Great Roofing Questions

Some Great Roofing Questions

Question 1

How long will my roof last?

Answer 1

A new roof should last at least 50 years. After this time it will need maintenance to keep it watertight. The tile won’t wear away however the roof felting, mortar and fixings will wear and these are what ensure the roof is watertight.


Question 2

My roof is leaking – is this easy to repair?

Answer 2

Repairing a leaking roof is often the easiest solution but could cause problems in the future. To detect what is best to do check the following things.

1. Starting with the inside of the house try to discover where the water is coming in. If it seems to be from around the window,  junction of a wall or soffit then a small repair job is usually best.

2. People walking on you roof such aerial repair workers etc can cause damage. Ensure they are using roofing ladders. Cracked tiles can be the cause of leaks. These can be easily repaired.

3. Inadequate ventilation in loft spaces especially with new builds can cause problems with condensation. Introducing better ventilation in roof space will help. Condensation only occurs here in cold weather so if the lost is damp continuously then ventilation isn’t the problem.

4 Missing tiles need urgent attention. However tiles should not just be falling off your roof if you are continuously losing tiles you may have problems with the fixings. The tiles around the perimeter – the verge, the top course and the eaves. If you are losing tiles here you may have to consider re roofing.

5 Rotting underlay, roofs rely on underlay and tiles working together to keep the roof watertight. A tear may be patched up but rotten underlay will result in a roof replacement.

6 If the mortar falling off it can be replaced relatively easily however the the cost can be quite expensive as it requires a scaffold to undertake the works. More modern roofs benefit from a dry fix system to prevent this problem.

Related image


Question 3

My roof needs replacing – can I reuse the tiles?

Answer 3

You can use your old tiles however it may not be worth the saving. The tiles are least expensive part of the job therefore it may worth investing in the new ones and it may add value and a new look to your home. If you are thinking of selling your home  a new, stylish and watertight roof will really help get the maximum value for your property and make it more saleable.

Take a Roof Health Check

1. Is your roof sagging?

This could leads to leaks, broken roof trusses and eventually roof collapsed.

2. Are there missing tiles or slates?

Tiles that have blown off in strong winds or bad weather may indicate your roof needs replacing.

3. Are pieces of mortar falling off?

This will need to be checked and replaced.

4. Is there condensation on roof?

Condensation, mould , water or stains on the inside of the roof could indicate there are problems with the roof.

5. Are there problems with the flashing?

Check to see if there any holes or tears in lead, zinc or plastic sheets over the joints of chimneys, porches and walls.

6. Are there overhanging tree branches?

Ensure trees are cut back as they can tear plastic the sheets and create problems.

7. Are there any plants or greenery growing out of your roof or guttering?

These must be removed immediately. Roofs with plants growing out should be checked for safety.

8.  Are there black streaks on your tiles?

This could be indication of mould on the tiles or rotten underlay.

Is your chimney leaning to one side or parapet wall out of alignment?

This should be rectified otherwise further complications can occur.

You can easily carry this health check out from the ground and leave all climbing up on the roof to the professionals. We are more than happy to come out and have a look at your roof for free and offer you a free, no obligation quote

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Roofing Contractors and Companies 

Roofing Contractors and Companies 

Roofing Contractors and Companies

Most Roofers have many years of experience in the roofers’ trade and provide for clients throughout the region.

The roofing company aims to supply residential and commercial properties with a professional standard of roofing and takes great pride in all the professional roofing projects we work on. The trained and expert roofing allow clients to make a house a home by taking care of the finishing touches. All the interior look of the roofing and the external roofing work is undertaken by time served, trustworthy roofers who have a wealth of experience in the roofing trade. We use top of the range roofing materials and tools to ensure high-quality results.

Our List Of Roofers Do It Better

Our Roofers have great reviews and testimonials which you can see here on our website. The service is designed to meet regulations every time.
Preparation for the roofing job is key to our highly rated roofing company. We will ensure all your personal belongings are covered, your house and site is secured when leaving and all the roofing needs of the customer are met. All our roofers will ensure your needs are met and that you are completely satisfied with the roofers’ work.

Consisting of a choice of designs, the roofing delivered by the firm is perfect for all homeowners. Available from our tradesmen, the products are aimed to fit individual needs and give the homeowner what they want.

With a large team of time served roofers, that we offer has a professional team who are all qualified to a high standard. They are widely experienced in replacing tiles, re roofing houses, repairing a leaking roof, felting roofs, constructing roofs, advising about roof maintenance, repairing fascias and soffits as well as all other aspects of roofing.

Related image

Our Roofers has a steady network of clients, situated around most local areas.

Our Services

  • Re-roofs – Tiling and Slating
  • Repairs
  • Flat Roof Conversions and Felting
  • Flat Roof Systems
  • Flat Roof Repairs
  • Single Ply Roofing
  • Garage Roofs
  • Felt Roofs
  • Repair or Replace Gutters
  • Lead Work and Chimney Work.
  • Fascias, Soffits Windows
  • Commercial and Domestic
  • Free Advice and No Obligation Quotes
  • Lead Roofing
  • Lightweight roof tiles
  • Flat roofing services
  • Roof Refurbishment
  • Commercial roofing specialist
  • Slate roofing
  • Lead Valleys
  • EPDM Roofing
  • Rubber roofing systems
  • Tiled Roofs
  • Synthetic  Roof Tiles
  • Chinese Slate roofs
  • Welsh Slate roofs
  • Natural Slate Roofs
  • Box Gutters
  • Bespoke shaped gutters
  • Roof Ventilation
  • Roof Insulation
  • Dry Verges
  • Shingle Tile roof
  • Free Structural  Surveys to roofs
  • Thatched roofs
  • Reclaimed Roof Tiles
  • Ashphalt Roof Tiles
  • Solar Roofing Systems
  • Vinyl Roofing
  • Slate roof vents#
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • Clay Roof Tiles
  • Decorative Finial Posts
  • Decorative Ridge Tiles
  • Domestic roof repairs
  • Zinc Roofing
  • GRP Roofing
  • Traditional Hipped Roofs
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