Some Great Roofing Questions

Some Great Roofing Questions

Question 1

How long will my roof last?

Answer 1

A new roof should last at least 50 years. After this time it will need maintenance to keep it watertight. The tile won’t wear away however the roof felting, mortar and fixings will wear and these are what ensure the roof is watertight.


Question 2

My roof is leaking – is this easy to repair?

Answer 2

Repairing a leaking roof is often the easiest solution but could cause problems in the future. To detect what is best to do check the following things.

1. Starting with the inside of the house try to discover where the water is coming in. If it seems to be from around the window,  junction of a wall or soffit then a small repair job is usually best.

2. People walking on you roof such aerial repair workers etc can cause damage. Ensure they are using roofing ladders. Cracked tiles can be the cause of leaks. These can be easily repaired.

3. Inadequate ventilation in loft spaces especially with new builds can cause problems with condensation. Introducing better ventilation in roof space will help. Condensation only occurs here in cold weather so if the lost is damp continuously then ventilation isn’t the problem.

4 Missing tiles need urgent attention. However tiles should not just be falling off your roof if you are continuously losing tiles you may have problems with the fixings. The tiles around the perimeter – the verge, the top course and the eaves. If you are losing tiles here you may have to consider re roofing.

5 Rotting underlay, roofs rely on underlay and tiles working together to keep the roof watertight. A tear may be patched up but rotten underlay will result in a roof replacement.

6 If the mortar falling off it can be replaced relatively easily however the the cost can be quite expensive as it requires a scaffold to undertake the works. More modern roofs benefit from a dry fix system to prevent this problem.

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Question 3

My roof needs replacing – can I reuse the tiles?

Answer 3

You can use your old tiles however it may not be worth the saving. The tiles are least expensive part of the job therefore it may worth investing in the new ones and it may add value and a new look to your home. If you are thinking of selling your home  a new, stylish and watertight roof will really help get the maximum value for your property and make it more saleable.

Take a Roof Health Check

1. Is your roof sagging?

This could leads to leaks, broken roof trusses and eventually roof collapsed.

2. Are there missing tiles or slates?

Tiles that have blown off in strong winds or bad weather may indicate your roof needs replacing.

3. Are pieces of mortar falling off?

This will need to be checked and replaced.

4. Is there condensation on roof?

Condensation, mould , water or stains on the inside of the roof could indicate there are problems with the roof.

5. Are there problems with the flashing?

Check to see if there any holes or tears in lead, zinc or plastic sheets over the joints of chimneys, porches and walls.

6. Are there overhanging tree branches?

Ensure trees are cut back as they can tear plastic the sheets and create problems.

7. Are there any plants or greenery growing out of your roof or guttering?

These must be removed immediately. Roofs with plants growing out should be checked for safety.

8.  Are there black streaks on your tiles?

This could be indication of mould on the tiles or rotten underlay.

Is your chimney leaning to one side or parapet wall out of alignment?

This should be rectified otherwise further complications can occur.

You can easily carry this health check out from the ground and leave all climbing up on the roof to the professionals. We are more than happy to come out and have a look at your roof for free and offer you a free, no obligation quote

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