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Cardiff Civic Society asks Minister to Call-in Cardiff Central Square planning application

Today’s South Wales Echo gives substantial media coverage to the Cardiff Civic Society following its letter to the Minister for Planning and Regeneration, Carl Sergeant  asking him to call in a planning application for Cardiff’s central square.


The chair of the Society, Nerys Lloyd-Pierce asked the minister to call in the application for determination  for five reasons:
Ethical, Timing, Strategic, Practical Planning and Finance and Delivery reasons. She said:

We realise that a call-in can only be justified if the application in question
– is in conflict with national planning policies or
– could have wide effects beyond their immediate locality or
– may give rise to substantial controversy beyond the immediate locality.
We maintain that the application qualifies under all three of the above criteria.

Other organisations including cycling and taxi-driver organisations and at least one Assembly Member have voiced similar concerns to those of CCS. You can view the full letter as a pdf here Call in Central Square 27042015.

The North West Cardiff Group also supports a call-in.

Development of Central Square without allocating space either now or in future for track for a NW Cardiff Metro will leave NW Cardiff dependent on buses. We showed that this will not work in the recent LDP Hearings before the Inspector. Successful development of the Cardiff region needs integrated planning with the interactions of the LDP and Metro fully thought through. We are concerned that applications are being rushed.

The full text of their letter is here North-West-Cardiff-Group-Call-in-letter-27042015

In a newspaper letter Max Wallis, Campaigns manager for Cardiff Cycling Campaign, draws attention to the problems posed to cyclists by the scheme. Read it here (scroll down letters).


Article by David Eggleton, Cardiff Civic Society

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